Moving Day

Well folks, after 5 months with WordPress, I am moving on to new digs over at blogger.  I hope ya’ll will follow me over there, whether you are WordPress junkies or not.  I’ll still keep this account open so I can follow my WordPress blogs more easily, but new posts will be happening at livingfromscratch1.blogspot.com. 



Well folks, I spoke too soon about those shampoo bars.  The first week went really well, then things went downhill.  My hair was taking longer to dry and starting to feel gross, the sure signs of build-up.  I got out my trusty baking soda and scrubbed my guts out, but I swear it made it worse.  I have always used baking soda for build-up, be it chlorine from swimming or hairspray.  I swear in this instance, it just gave the guk something better to stick to.  This weekend, it was so bad that I took my aunt’s advice and washed my hair with dawn dish detergent to get it out.  So…more shampoo fail and back to buying it. 

Turkey Sausage

I love sausage.  It’s my breakfast meat of choice.  It’s not terribly good for you, but have you ever bought a pork sausage alternative?  I’ve never tried the tofu/soy variety but I have tried store-bought turkey sausage.  It usually comes pre-cooked, full of preservatives, in patty form.  Those patties are too small and too tall to be comfortably used in a breakfast sandwich (my breakfast of choice).  They’re also seriously over-seasoned.  What’s a trying-to-be-less-overweight girl to do?

Make it.  Of course. 

RECIPE (courtesy of Heavenly Homemakers)

1 lb ground turkey
3 Tablespoon minced onion
¼ teaspoon cumin
¼ teaspoon marjoram
¼ teaspoon ground pepper
¼ teaspoon oregano
¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
¼ teaspoon ground ginger
½ teaspoon dried basil
½ teaspoon thyme
½ teaspoon sage (I think I’ll make that 1/4 next time I try)
2 teaspoon sea salt
1 egg

Put it all in a bowl and mix it like a meatloaf, just enough to completely combine.  Then, you can either leave it loose, form it into patties with your hands or a patty maker, which you can get for $3 in any grocery store or mega-mart. 

I got 2 tubs of patties (one for the freezer and one for the fridge) and a sizeable pile of loose sausage.  When you go to cook it, if you plan on pan frying it (like any other sausage) you’ll have to add a little bit of oil or butter because turkey is VERY lean and won’t grease the pan on its own.  This morning, I baked ours in the toaster oven and they were quite wonderful.  They tasted very much like pork sausage, though perhaps a tad heavy on sage.  I think in the future I’ll half it. 

Isn’t it purty?

Oh. P.S. This is post #50!


This is my Living Room When we bought the house. 


This is that same space at present.   It’s a big difference, but it obviously looks… severely unfinished.  We haven’t fixed the baseboards or re-installed the shoe molding from when we did the floors.  There are paint swatches on the wall.  That love seat is the result of a bargain my mom and I made while I was in college (she would buy me a real piece of furniture if I quit making them haul the busted bench seat from an old pickup truck to Grove City and Back every year). It has looked almost exactly like this since last January.  It’s shameful, really.  After Christmas, this is going to be our BIG project.  Why after Christmas?  Well, for one, I hate trying to decorate a construction zone for the holidays (which are quite busy enough) and for another…I’m asking everyone for Lowe’s gift cards for Christmas.

In preparation for this HUGE project, I’ve been gathering all of my ideas into a mood board of sorts for the room (though I’m not terribly accomplished at this).  But first, you should know: I have a small obsession with Victorian fashion and culture. 

That’s my Senior Prom Picture.  We hired a seamstress, purchased a corset (which BTW did some lasting damage to my ribs), the whole deal.  Sorry about the picture of a picture but I don’t have a scanner, so there’s gonna be a few of those tonight.

Living Room Mood Board

The top left are mostly the fabrics I have used (except for the stripes, those are a new thought).  The Right and Right-Bottom are my existing furniture.  The bottom left is my inspiration.  To it’s immediate right is the yard sale Picture frame Nick & I bought that I’m determined to frame my TV with, like artwork.  The picture with the little girl is from an article on wainscoting, with a tutorial.  It’s probably what we’ll do. 

This is the current wall the Fireplace is on.  I plan on building the fireplace up so it looks a little more like it belongs there and so I can accommodate my plans to hang the TV more securely while disguising it as art above the mantle and hiding the wires first behind the wall, then under the floor, so that the DVD player and sound system and such can be placed on the Bookshelf on the opposite wall.  The area to the left should be exactly enough for an upright piano, and to the right to comfortably open the door.  Perhaps I’ll put a small table and mirror there too.  (What is a front door if there’s no mirror nearby?)

This is the opposite wall, shown with blinds down (though I always keep them halfway up).  I don’t know why I thought I’d make the under bookshelf cabinets so tall.  They won’t actually be that tall.  These drawings are a year old but so very little has changed I didn’t bother to redo them. Under the window will be a window seat, and the wall will be covered with bookcases with cabinets underneath.  I was really hoping for arches on the bookcases, but I think that will be outside of our abilities. 

These two walls will stay basically the same, plus wainscoting.    Eventually, we really should get rid of the 60’s "3 stepped little windows" door, but I’m not saying that’s happening this winter. 

… who lies to her children because it’s convenient.

How do I know? Well, I was making meatballs this evening. Bear meatballs, because i’m cheap and refuse to buy beef until the bear is gone, and that could be a while. Sadie was following me around begging like mad. She’s always been a moderate begger (a fact for which i am thankful cuz she’d be a force to be reckoned with if she were a severe one) but tonight she was putting on her best pouty face. Why? Because, for some primal reason, game meat appeals to her 10x more than domesticated animal meat. So, covered in raw meat, I look down at her and say “I’m sorry Sadie. I just can’t give you any. Some dogs are inexplicably allergic to meatballs and YOU are one of them”. I assume I said this because it’s what I say to her when i’m making chocolate chip cookies (though in that case it’s true). It is also true that my meatballs contain breadcrumbs, presumably from yeast bread, and you shouldn’t give dogs yeast products. That’s quite the stretch though. The fact of the matter is that (despite my hubby’s best efforts) I try very hard to not give her people food. It is both unhealthy for her and only encourages the begging behavior. But is that what I told her? Nope. I lied to my DOG, who can’t even understand me, out of convenience. I fear that bad habit may get worse when I have a young & impressionable audience who actually understands me.

Etsy Shop

Well folks, I’m stuck here without my beloved laptop (typing to you today from my ancient and tiny Grove City TC1100) BUT I finally got my Etsy shop up and running. I’m starting really small and easing in to it, so i know it isn’t very impressive right now, but maybe someday it will be.

My laptop is sick and I have to send it away for repairs.  I guess I’ll post again when I get it back.  Sorry about the time off.